Monday, September 15, 2008

Monolith Day 2

i made it to monolith on sunday and despite numerous problems with my camera, i managed to salvage a few pics:

Tokyo Police Club ran through a tight set of the best songs off of Elephant Shell as well as some older EP favorites. After TPC, the Avett Brothers took the main stage and i'm told that they were amazing. unfortunately, i was otherwise engaged.

after getting some vinyl signed and securing a decent burrito, we negotiated our way to the front of the New Belgium stage for Tilly and the Wall. an unexpectedly large crowd had packed the area to see Omaha's favorite indie pop juggernauts dance, scream, and tap dance their way through the most exuberant set i've seen from any band. ever. well, at least since the first time i had seen them in 2005 at the Larimer Lounge.

a vegan hemp ice cream sandwich later, we were back at the main stage awaiting Band of Horses. after an hour of Sharon Jones making hipsters dance like your favorite jackass uncle, the flannel-clad boys of Mt. Pleasant took the stage. I took a few pictures of Ben Bridwell's righteous beard, but i guess my camera just couldn't take that rugged awesomeness. We also caught most of TV on the Radio's set before running upstairs for CSS. TVOTR were impressive but not much fun,, CSS were fun, but not so impressive.

i know that Jake caught quite a few performances that i missed. maybe if he can remember something, he'll let us know about it. . .

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